For Professionals: Request Samples of Prescript-Assist

It just became easier to solve the Probiotic Viability Puzzle.

Prescript-Assist™ is the Clinically Proven, Broad-Spectrum, Shelf-Stable Probiotic & Prebiotic Complex.

Finally it's possible to recommend a probiotic that your patients will use, because they know it will work. Prescript-Assist does not require refrigeration, and is comprised of a complex of 29 Inherently Viable strains of microflora tested shelf-stable and capable of surviving the harsh conditions of the GI tract. 

Prescript-Assist™ is distributed by Enviromedica, Austin, Texas. **

“I cannot emphasize enough the positive results my patients have experienced during Prescript-Assist’s clinical evaluation.”

— Charles Smith DO (FACOG, Surgeon), Plainview TX

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